Fresh Crop Report: Limes, Arugula, and Kids’ Menus


FCR Report

Week of August 19, 2018


  • Markon First Crop® (MFC) Premium Romaine Lettuce weights are higher on average than the rest of the industry (37 to 39 pounds compared with 34 to 36 pounds).
  •  Lime prices continue to rise due to tighter supplies reduced by rainy weather and increased demand. Quality problems remain a concern; Markon recommends ordering for quick turns.
  • MFC Red and Yellow Onions from California and New Mexico are no longer on the market. MFC Red and Yellow Onions from the Northwest are now being shipped. MFC Onions from Utah will hit the market next week.

Produce Overview


  • Expect elevated markets until Mexico’s fall crop starts in September
  • Stocks are limited, especially No. 2 grade fruit


  • Prices remain elevated; supplies are limited
  • High temperatures in California’s coastal growing region have affected quality, shortening the season

Iceberg Lettuce

  • The market is up
  • Expect moderate supplies and strong demand through the week

Ask a Markon Chef

Q: What suggestions do you give operator customers for healthy kids’ menu items?

A: Processed chicken nuggets and cheesy pastas are so 20th century! I prefer to upgrade the quality of my kids’ offerings by making healthy foods taste delicious. I include tacos made with plenty of produce and lean meats, create in-house baked flatbreads loaded with chicken and broccoli, and serve rice bowls topped with avocados, grilled shrimp, and chopped mango

  • Burgers remain a kid favorite. Why not serve blended burgers made with 30% minced mushrooms for lower fat and cholesterol? The rich umami flavor means they’ll never know the difference.
  • Bake—don’t fry—yam fries to reduce oil content

Tips for Serving Arugula

  • Mix arugula with chopped MFC Granny Smith Apples and candied walnuts; dress with pomegranate vinaigrette
  • Create a pesto using Ready-Set-Serve® (RSS) Organic Lemony Arugula, Parmesan cheese, walnuts, and olive oil; toss with pasta or spread on pizza.
  • Stir MFC Arugula and chopped MFC Tomatoes into lentil-sausage soup; serve with crusty bread
  • Arrange watermelon chunks and RSS Wild Arugula in the center of a salad plate; top with crumbled goat cheese, minced MFC Red Onions, and cubed mango; drizzle with a thick balsamic vinaigrette

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