Fresh Crop Report: Mexico Supplies, Carrots, and Melons


FCR Report

Week of August 26, 2018


  • Markon First Crop® (MFC) Premium Green Leaf Lettuce weights are higher on average than the rest of the industry (23 to 25 pounds compared with 21 to 23 pounds).
  • Markon inspectors have observed sporadic quality issues in tender leaf items such as arugula, spinach, and spring mix. Recent warm weather has accelerated growth and caused brittle texture. Some finished packs are exhibiting elevated mechanical damage. Shelf-life performance may be impacted.
  • MFC Onions are currently being grown in California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, and Washington

Produce Overview


  • Expect the market to rise for the next ten days
  • Fields in Central Mexico are past peak production, while Baja yields are slowly increasing


  • Supplies are limited; prices are rising
  • While Markon will continue to source only California-grown cilantro, supplies out of Mexico remain limited, keeping markets elevated


  • Prices are escalating
  • Mexican supplies are extremely tights, while Michigan stocks are expected to become limited in the coming weeks due to shifting demand

Ask a Markon Chef

Q: Cantaloupes, honeydews, and watermelons are at their peak of flavor— how do you use them?

A: Melons are ideal for healthy desserts like granitas and sorbets— sometimes I add spirits to make frozen beverages for the summer months. I also like to wrap slices of cantaloupe and honeydew with salty meats like Serrano ham and prosciutto. Watermelon works great in mock caprese salads or on kebabs.

  • Mix MFC Cantaloupe and Honeydew, golden raisins, chopped peanuts, and mango chutney into curried wild rice
  • Toss Ready-Set-Serve® (RSS) Romaine Hearts with chopped watermelon, crumbled bacon, RSS Sliced Celery, chopped red radishes, and MFC Mint; serve with Champagne vinaigrette.

Tips for Serving Carrots

  • Carrots add toothsome texture and a pop of color to salads of all sorts; try mixing them into mayonnaise-based recipes such as chicken, crab, potato, and tuna salads
  • They are a classic ingredient in many Asian recipes such as spring rolls and lettuce wraps, as well as Hispanic dishes like burritos and tacos
  • Serve RSS Baby Carrots, RSS Broccoli and Cauliflower Combo, and halved MFC Baby Squash with dips such as hummus, spinach and cheese, or roasted red bell pepper aioli
  • Add RSS Color Shred Organic Carrots to cupcake batter accented with cinnamon and ginger; bake and ice with cream cheese frosting

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