The Future of Foodservice: Top 4 Technology Trends

The rise of technology is changing the game for the restaurant industry. Utilizing new technological strategies communicates your brand’s identity and adds a memorable, personal touch to the dining experience. Consider how these top technology trends can captivate your customers and boost your profits.

1. Mobile Apps

According to NPD, about 5% of all restaurant orders are placed digitally – an increase of 23% in the last year. The majority of those digital orders are placed by mobile apps. Consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z, are drawn to the convenience of mobile apps, as they allow diners to browse menus, prices, and customer reviews. Having the ability to order and pay through the app takes consumer convenience to new heights. And mobile apps aren’t only convenient for the consumer; they allow restaurants to gather customer data and resourcefully refine their marketing strategies.

2. Reservation Services

One of the most popular online reservation sites, OpenTable®, has over 16,000 restaurant users. This app not only allows guests to make reservations, it allows restaurants to manage their flow and provides a means of marketing through customer reviews. Customers can also check the app for wait times and put their name in for a table. There is a fee for operators using OpenTable; however, many find the business-building app worthy of investment. Other popular reservation apps include Resy, Yelp Reservations, and Reserve.

3. Text-Based Notifications

Kudos to your business if your waiting area is packed, but long waits may discourage potential customers. Text-based notifications help clear your lobby and make it convenient for customers to run errands or explore the city while they wait to dine. Besides notifying guests that their table is ready, texts can also inform them of seasonal specials and events. Operators find that marketing through texts is instant, intimate, and a guaranteed read.

4. Kiosk Ordering

According to Datassential, 1 out of 6 operators use tablets, and 53% of consumers have used a tablet or kiosk when ordering food or beverages away from home. Kiosks and tablets are helping operations streamline the ordering process to speed up service and cut labor costs. While kiosks and tablets take up table space and require an initiation cost, they have the potential to increase your turnover rate and keep your restaurant on-trend.

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