Get customers talking on social media

How to Get Your Customers Talking on Social Media

Social media marketing for businesses is all about the fan engagement. Getting your fans to talk to you, like your posts, and share them is how you will grow your fan base and ultimately increase sales. Try some of these tactics to spark conversations with your fans:

A picture is one of the simplest ways to catch someone’s attention, as it is more visually appealing than the average post. When fans are scrolling through their news feeds, the large, colorful images are the ones that get them to stop.

Photo Captions
Post a fun photo and ask fans to come up with a caption. This combines the pros of posting a picture and offering fill-in-theblank posts.

Ask Questions
Asking questions is probably one of the easiest methods to get fans to comment and share their thoughts. You will get more engagement by keeping questions short and simple. Questions that require the audience to choose—Which would you prefer? Left or right?—generate a large amount of comments.

Social media is great for posting short tips, ideas, and information for your fans. People love to share little pieces of information online, especially if it makes their lives easier.

Videos offer a very high level of engagement on social media. Instead of simply posting your specials for the night, take a short video of your chef preparing the dish, explain what makes it unique, and include a final shot of the finished dish. Keep the video as short as possible so you won’t lose your audience.

Specials, Features, Seasonal Dishes, and Drinks
Take a picture of your special for the evening and post it with a brief description. Using an app like Instagram can give you a great-looking picture that you can upload to Facebook.

Take pictures of any events you cater and create a special album on your Facebook page for the events.

Post pictures of any bands or entertainers performing at your restaurant and try to get a conversation going.

Community Involvement
Talk about community events you are involved with. People love to know that businesses give back to the community, so make sure to post if you sponsor any community events or fundraisers, or make any donations.

New Menu Items
If you are adding new dishes or drinks to your menu, take a picture and post about it on Facebook to entice your fans to try it. You could even offer a Facebook special for anyone who comes in and mentions the Facebook post.