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Global Mash Ups

A Look at the Trends: Global Mash Ups

From sushi burgers to nacho lasagna and lobster roll corn dogs, multi-regional mash-ups continue to gain attention with their distinct flavor combinations. Ethnic ingredient mash- ups can captivate your customers and increase intrigue by presenting them with a wide range of new, exciting tastes.

Take a look at these customer examples:


  • Serving a blend of Jewish and Japanese cuisines, Shalom Japan in Brooklyn, NY, offers mash-ups like matzoh ball ramen with foie gras dumplings as well as a lox bowl containing rice, avocado, cucumber, Japanese pickle, and a fried


  • IndiMex Eats in Los Angeles, CA, presents a combination of Indian and Mexican cuisines, serving tacos with curried tofu, beef, lamb, chicken, or shrimp tikka, topped with salsa with a dash of masala


  • Hashes are the perfect vessel to showcase contemporary ethnic mash-ups. Fat Rice, located in Chicago, IL, serves a Portuguese- and Chinese-inspired Minchi Hash containing stir-fried minced pork and beef, garlicky greens, and coconut rice, topped with a sunny-side-up


Image by Craig Dugas