Growing Your Facebook Presence

According to advertising agency WordStream, 59% of Americans think that customer service handled through social media makes it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved. With 2.07 billion users, Facebook is a social platform that offers several resourceful, easy-to-use features allowing for open communication with customers and having tremendous positive impacts on your restaurant. Investing the time and effort in creating a Facebook business page with attractive, compelling content is worth the time and effort, as it can generate engagement, promote your brand, and drive customers to your restaurant.

Emphasize Strong Visual Elements

With 60 million active business pages on Facebook, you must differentiate your operation from the competition and capture audience attention with high-quality content. Post images with bright visuals and succinct, catchy copy that make your restaurant stand out. According to social media monitoring company Brandwatch, videos earn the highest rate of engagement, despite only making up 3% of the content. Try posting short videos of chefs cooking a signature meal, a bartender creating a signature cocktail, or a tour of restaurant premises to steer customers to your page and restaurant.

Share Your Brand’s Story

A Facebook business page is a great place to share your brand’s story and let users get to know your business and the people behind it. For example, the Arlington Club in New York City highlighted the backstory of executive chef Frank Cervantes in a post featuring his photo and a quote explaining what started him on this career path. As your company evolves, take the opportunity to share milestones to showcase your accomplishments, generate engagement, and make your operation more relatable to the audience.

Craft Emotionally Stimulating Content

While promoting products is top-priority, customers care more about thought-provoking, shareable posts. Engage your audience by creating relatable, emotional, human-interest content that will tug at people’s heartstrings, evoke sentiment, or make them laugh. Displaying the restaurant’s personality and engaging with your audience regularly can position you as a friendly and approachable business.

Craft Content for Maximum Shares

Updating Facebook on a consistent basis is essential for a strong presence. To make posts effective, they must have a purpose. Before publishing posts, ask yourself these questions:

• Is this post potentially “thumb-stopping” for my audience?

• Will my audience want to stop, read/watch, engage, and share this post?

• Is this post in context with the newsfeed? While Facebook users’ friends are sharing warm, personal stories and fun videos, does this post fit in yet still stand out?

• Does this post offer educational and entertaining content?

• Does this post meet the needs of my audience and their audience?

Host Events via Facebook Live

Facebook live allows users to stream video directly to their pages. Create a Facebook event on your business page and invite followers and fans. Post a video involving cooking demonstrations, staff introductions, tours of the dining room, or live events. Videos are the ultimate show-don’t-tell advertisement, so giving your audience a direct glimpse of what goes on in your restaurant can go far in your marketing efforts.

More Facebook Attributes to Take Advantage of:

• Listing location(s), hours, and phone number.

• Displaying the most popular times for your restaurant.

• Adding a “Book Now” button if you accept reservations.

• Uploading your menu directly to Facebook.

• Allowing reviews (and responding to them!)