Improve Takeout & Delivery with Inspirational Insights

According to global strategy consulting firm LEK Consulting, off -premise revenue is surpassing on-premise sales for the first time ever. It’s expected to grow at more than triple the rate of in-restaurant sales through 2023. Th is data indicates the significance of refining your takeout strategy to serve customers the grab-and-go items they’re craving. Use the following insights from the annual trends and analysis report conducted by DoorDash to make the most of this ever-growing segment.

• Over 98% of DoorDash users said they order side dishes with takeout meals. Ensure your takeout offerings encompass more than the main entrée with signature takes on items like cream cheese rangoons (orders were up 1,360%), Brussels sprouts (up 1,280%), and hash browns (up 1,200%).

• With delivered sweets on the rise, like apple pie (up 1,500%) and molten chocolate cake (up 1,350%), find your sweet spot with portable dessert offerings that align with your brand, boost checks, and elevate the customer experience.

• There’s an increase in orders for unique soup offerings that evoke feelings of nostalgia, such as tortilla soup (up 1,130%) and broccoli Cheddar soup (up 640%). Maines has a variety of easy-to-prep soups with trending flavors that can expand the breadth of your offerings such as lentil and chickpea, Maine lobster bisque, and shrimp and roasted corn bisque.

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