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Blackberry-Filled Mochi Donuts with Blueberry Glaze

The People’s Choice: Gluten-Free Donuts Chef Jonathon Merrick, CEC shares his award-winning recipe for berry mochi donuts. This innovative street-style dessert was a crowd favorite at the California Giant Berry Farms Chef Invitational, ultimately winning People’s Choice. Inspired by Korean-style mochi, these donuts are made using rice flour that not only provides unique texture but is also naturally gluten-free. Fresh ...

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Grass-Fed Filet Mignon & Yellowfin Tuna Duo

The Modern Surf & Turf Steakhouses are a well-beloved restaurant segment. With consistent competition and ever-growing expectations, it’s essential to keep your menu on-trend. Consumers are looking for a broader range of options, adventurous flavors, and transparency of ingredients. Meet this demand by offering a unique, signature surf & turf special. Filet mignon and yellowfin tuna make a perfect duo ...

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