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Raspberry-Earl Grey Martini Mocktail with Juniper Berry Simple Syrup

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails Increasing numbers of consumers consider non-alcoholic offerings an important factor in deciding where to dine. Appeal to health-conscious consumers with alcohol-free beverages that are just as indulgent, vibrant, and flavorful as their boozy counterparts. Think beyond club soda and store-bought syrups. Fresh brewed tea, lemon, and raspberries with a mix of tonic water makes for a fruity, colorful ...

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Salt Crusted Fish

salt crusted striped bass

This technique of baking fish in a thick layer of salt is common in Sicily. Not only is it a dramatic presentation, it will also give you the most perfectly cooked fish. The salt works to seal in moisture and gently steam the fish in its own juices, seasoning it slightly in the meantime. Salt roasting does not yield food that's salty—just perfectly seasoned.

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