Inspired Condiments

The sophistication level of North American diners is at an all-time high. They know and want (expect!) the latest flavors, trends, and ingredients so they can enjoy the full experience and then post their gorgeous photos as proof. That includes every course on the menu as well as what used to be the lowly condiment. Today customers know that sauces, compound butters, and pickled toppings can take a dish from ho-hum to sublime.

  • For the spice addicts, chili crisp sauce is a bold, numbing combination of chile peppers, peppercorns, fried onions and garlic, soy nuts, and various spices in oil.
  • Mayonnaise is a versatile portal for flavors such as smoke, paprika, seaweed, pickled ginger, pureed herbs, and miso paste.
  • Mexican mole sauces are deeply complex. Although there are an infinite number of variations, they’re all earthy blends of nuts, chiles, spices—and chocolate—that can lend intensity to an array of international dishes.


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