Market Conditions Report

Market Conditions Report: For the Week of August 18, 2019




  • On Friday August 9 2019 there was a fire at Tyson beef processing plant in Holcomb Kansas. This plant processed 6,000 head per day / 30,000 head per week. While all efforts to transfer that production to other facilities is underway this will have an immediate effect on the beef market for the near term. In addition other companies will try to fill the void however that will mean overtime hours which is added costs. The plan is to rebuild that plant as soon as possible. Due to this unexpected situation the beef market will be adjusting rapidly and we will keep you informed as the week progresses.


  • Pork production was 2.35 million head down 0.3% from last week and up 0.6% from last year.
  • Bacon – Market is up 8.7% from last week and up 58.9% from last year.
  • Sausage – Market is up 12% from last week and up 23.6% from last year.
  • Loins – Market is up 2.0% from last week and up 3.2% from last year
  • Butts – Market is down 0.9% from last week and up 8.2% from last year
  • Ribs – Market is up 0.3% from last week and steady with last year


  • Poultry production was 172.3 million head up 1.6% from last week and up 2.1% from last year.
  • Breast – Market is up 1.3% from last week and down 2.7% from last year
  • Wings – Market is steady with last week and up 28.1% from last year
  • Tenders – Market is down 0.4% from last week and up 3.1% over last year.
  • Dark Meat – Market is down 1.3% from last week and up 34.4% over last year
  • Whole Chicken – Market is steady with last week and down 14.0% from last year


  • Swordfish – Market is up as landings are down, but this is expected to change as week progresses.
  • Tuna – Market is steady with last week
  • Halibut – West coast production is dismal and East coast is holding steady with very high demand.
  • Cod – Market steady
  • Haddock – Market steady
  • Salmon Farmed – Market is up due to fish needing more time to grow
  • Salmon Wild – Kings steady / Coho and Sockeye markets up slightly
  • Cobia – Market steady with very good supply and quality
  • Barramundi – Market steady with very good supply and quality
  • Bronzino – Market steady with very good supply and quality


  • Lobster – Live market is up as seasonally expected, as well as product being sold to China at a premium price. Cold and warm tails in very heavy demand and premium sizes demand premium price.
  • Shrimp – Asian whites are showing modest increases. Black Tiger market is up with limited supply and heavy demand. Wild Mexican market is trending up as season starts in a month.
  • Scallops – Large size steady with high demand. Smaller sizes are also rising due to heavy demand from further processors
  • Pasteurized Crab – No change in market conditions as supply is below demand
  • Mussels – Supply is normal and market is steady
  • Oysters – There were some closures due to weather that were short lived, but market is holding steady and production is on pace with current demand.
  • Clams – No change to report. New York legal size supply is well below demand level. Shortages also on all other items as well.


  • Milk – Priced monthly, market steady
  • Cheese – Some pennies increases, nothing drastic
  • Butter – Market is steady
  • Eggs – Large size up, other sizes steady


  • United States Spring wheat harvest just hit 8% complete due to rain delays. Last year at this time the harvest was at 32%. Also exports have increased and that trend is expected to continue for the near term. Weather outlook is favorable so market is expected to remain unchanged for the next few weeks.


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Local Produce Outlook

Blueberries No longer in stock, may be done for the season
Round Tomatoes Will start coming in next week. Should have sufficient inventory by mid week
Corn Inventories were tight last week but there will be plenty for next week
Wax Beans Now in stock!
Pennsylvannia Produce Now stocking peaches and prune plums!
Eggplant Still stocking baby eggplant. Regular to large size eggplant not available yet
Green Cabbage and Zucchini Tight stock, however we should have enough to cover


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