Market Conditions Report

Market Conditions Report: For the Week of April 21, 2019




  • Beef production was 634,000 head up 2.1% over last week and up 3.8% from last year.
  • Ribeye – Market is up 1.2% over last week and up 9.7% from last year
  • Strips – Market is up 4.5% from last week and up 166.7% from last year
  • Tenders – Market is down 0.9% from last week and up 11.2% over last year
  • Rounds – Market is down 0.6% from last week and up 3.2% over last year
  • Grinds – Market is down 0.2% over last week and up 17.6% over last year


  • Pork production was 2.38 million head down 3.0% from last week and up 0.5% from last year.
  • Bacon – Market is up 7.0% from last week and up 91.1% from last year
  • Sausage – Market is up 13.0% from last week and up 59.2% from last year
  • Loins – Market is up 0.7% from last week and up 17.3% from last year
  • Butts – Market is up 5.9% from last week and up 9.6% from last year
  • Ribs – Market is up 6.3% from last week and up 4.3% from last year


  • Poultry production was 164.3 million head up 2.1% from last week and up 1.73.8% from last year.
  • Breast – Market is steady with last week and down 14.0% from last year
  • Wings – Market is steady with last week and up 46.5% from last year
  • Tenders – Market is steady with last week and up 23.0% over last year.
  • Dark Meat – Market is steady with last week and up 2.7% over last year
  • Whole Chicken – Market is steady with last week and down 10.4% from last year


  • Swordfish – Market is up this week, however they are very high quality cold water fish.
  • Tuna – The market is up and again outstanding quality fish coming in. Market is due to high seasonal demand
  • Halibut –  Market is u on both coasts. Our product is only coming from East coast day boat catch and they are out of the water less than 36 hours before arriving at customers’ doors.
  • Cod – Market is steady. Icelandic fishing is in height of the season and very good landings
  • Haddock – Steady now, heavy demand and landings are very good
  • Salmon Farmed – Extreme Lenten demand, market is up from all producing areas
  • Salmon Wild – King season is only season started and light landings mean very expensive fish
  • Cobia – Market steady
  • Barramundi – Market steady
  • Bronzino – Market steady


  • Lobster – Live market is down on true hard shell with Canadian season open. Warm and cold tails are steady, always demand on premium sizes
  • Shrimp – No change to report, market is steady at value level
  • Scallop – Market is down on all sizes as boats are using days at sea in areas that product larger, high quality scallops.
  • Pasteurized Crab – Market is steady at current level. Supply in poor shape, not expected to change anytime soon
  • Mussels – Market steady, supply is normal and improving every day like the weather, and so does demand.
  • Oysters – Market steady and supply is improving
  • Clams – Market is up on all sizes, supply is tight and demand is increasing


  • Milk – Market is steady, priced monthly
  • Cheese – Steady to up pennies as demand is rising but producers are balanced with production versus demand.
  • Butter – Market trend will be up, very high demand baking time of the eyar
  • Eggs – Currently steady as inventories are moving rapidly to market to final consumer. Next week will be a clearer picture of what direction it will take when distribution orders replacement inventories.


  • The past week wheat prices are near the bottom of the five year average. Wheat stocks globally are ample and continue to grow. United States exports are nonexistent. Rail logistics are improving and millers are receiving product on a regular basis and rail costs are falling. The previous concerns of planting delays are now behind us and the outlook for the near term is excellent.


  • Again no news is good news. All markets remain at their current level. We are in highest ever demand for these items as takeout and delivery options continue to increase and this trend is not changing anytime soon. Consumers at home, however, are making decisions about where they will continue to order from based on how the food items are packaged and delivered to their homes. Today’s consumer is over the old standard 9×9 foam container. As an operator, it would be a good idea to order from your own restaurant and also from competitors to check out how it is received and put yourself in a young person’s frame of mind as they discuss this on social media and recommend to friends as well. Stay a step ahead.


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