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For more than 30 years, Markon has been the foodservice industry’s premier source of fresh produce, offering unmatched quality, expert handling, and reliability. At Maines, we partner with those who are fully committed to helping our customers succeed. Markon is one of Maines’ dependable partners that not only helps operators source seasonal products and hard-to-find items – they go above and beyond to offer a variety of helpful tools and resources that our customers can utilize to improve their business.

From an array of innovative recipes and comprehensive produce reports, to videos directly from the fields, Markon’s resources can help ensure your operation is educated on food safety, conditions affecting crops, the latest produce items, and more. Make the most of the reliable resources Markon offers to serve superior seasonal dishes, improve your menu appeal, boost profits, and help your business reach success.


Virtual Cooler

Food safety is the most critical part of any foodservice business. Improper food handling methods can lead to health code violations or someone getting seriously sick. To help ensure the optimal quality and freshness of your inventory, Markon displays virtual cooler graphics on their website that demonstrate where to store fruits and vegetables in the cooler, along with proper storage temperatures and storage and handling tips. Use the virtual coolers as a guide to help train your staff how to handle and store produce properly. Print the pages of your produce items and have them on-hand as a constant reminder for your team to stay organized and keep produce as fresh as possible.

Yield Calculators

Ready-to-use products are extremely convenient and make a significant impact on reducing prep work and labor costs, but it’s still beneficial to know how they compare to other products. Markon’s yield savings calculators allow you to calculate costs and compare two similar products such as cauliflower vs. ready-set-serve (RSS) cauliflower florets. Enter each product’s carton weight, delivery cost, minutes of labor required per carton, and portion size, and the cost per portion will appear below each entry. Take advantage of these estimations to decide which products are the most cost-effective and make the most sense for your restaurant.

The yield savings calculators not only provide you with gross margins per plate, but they also allow you to calculate approximate projected savings based on how many portions you serve per day. Utilize these yield calculators to estimate your savings and also consider the effects that portion sizes, complementing ingredients, and appropriate pricing can have on your profitability.

Menu Inspiration

As you seek inspiration for your menu throughout the year, Markon’s website provides a wealth of information and can help stimulate creativity. The site offers produce-focused recipes, culinary trends, and Markon Chef Q & As that operators can consult for menu and operational insights. Utilize Markon’s menu inspiration tools to upgrade classic items, incorporate more seasonal produce onto your menu, and become more familiar with culinary trends.

Even the most accomplished chefs have questions about ingredients, pairings, shelf life, and more. Markon’s member-affiliated chefs can be your trusted source for menu inspiration. As you refine your menu, submit questions to the Markon Chefs Q & A and read through other correspondence to discover more ways you can improve your business.

Videos from the Fields

From apple harvesting and lettuce updates to product demonstrations, Markon’s “Live From the Fields” videos provide operators with up-to-date information on how the weather, growing conditions, and other factors are impacting crops. Watching these videos and staying informed about produce can help you make more educated decisions when choosing seasonal items. You can also use this knowledge to communicate details of the produce on your menu and create the farm-to-table connection for customers. List where specific crops were harvested and the growers they were harvested by to attract customers and up the appeal factor of menu items.


Download the Markon Produce app to view reports or sign up on their website to get Markon’s reports emailed directly to your inbox.

Fresh Crop Reports: A weekly overview of the produce market, supplies, and quality. Find details about rising and falling prices, average weights of products, how the weather is affecting products, and upcoming products that are soon to hit the market. Reference these reports for an inspirational recipe, culinary tips, as well as a brief Q & A with Markon Chefs.

Specialty Reports: A semi-monthly report on how to buy, store, and use specialty produce. Learn about flavors and ingredients that pair well with seasonal specialty items and find ideas on how to incorporate them into your menu. You can also use these reports to note holidays on your calendar and plan for ordering special menu items.

In Season Reports: A quarterly overview of produce items that are in season and how to feature them in a variety of applications. Find descriptions of in-season produce, preparation techniques and applications, and usage ideas that can help you enhance your seasonal menu items.

Trend Reports: A quarterly report that provides innovative usage ideas for current food trends. Take advantage of these reports to educate your staff on new, trending concepts and have your team brainstorm how to incorporate the trends into your menu. Draw inspiration from the examples of restaurants that currently showcase these trends, and consider unique ways to make that same concept signature to your brand.


Markon’s Produce app is an easily accessible educational tool for your staff . Just have them search “Markon” on their app store and download it free onto their phones and tablets. Markon’s app is equipped with all of the features found on the website and offers an option to receive push notifications of real-time food safety alerts and crop updates. The app allows you to view a comprehensive fruit and vegetable guide, a recipe database, live video updates, yield calculators, the latest trends, seasonality charts, and more – all at the touch of your fingertips.

Have your staff download the app on their phones to become more familiar with the produce they’re working with. Get them accustomed to all of Markon’s resources so they can easily brainstorm recipe ideas, become more familiar with seasonal produce, and interact with Markon Chefs. Markon plans to continually update the app with new information to keep operators well-informed of what’s happening in the industry.


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