Doing the Impossible: Menuing Meatless Burgers


According to Technomic Inc., 34% of consumers worldwide say they tend to purchase vegetarian fare in restaurants and 28% look for vegan items. To meet growing demands for plant-based items, food scientists at Impossible™ Foods have created the Impossible™ Burger made with plant-based ingredients including leghemoglobin that creates “bleeding” meat-like juices. This engineered burger is being served at some of the nation’s most acclaimed restaurants, appealing to vegetarian, vegan, and meat-eating consumers looking for
healthy, environmentally-friendly, delicious burger options.

On the Menu

  • Previous Maines Food Show special guest, David Chang, was the first to serve the Impossible Burger at his restaurant Momofuku Nishi topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and special sauce. Chang told Eater NY, “I was genuinely blown away when I tasted the burger. The Impossible Foods team has discovered how to re-engineer what makes beef taste like beef.”
  • To meet the demand for vegetarian menu options, fast food chain White Castle partnered with Impossible Foods to debut the “Impossible Slider.” This bleeding burger was first tested in the New York and Chicago locations and is now served at 140 White Castles throughout the country.
  • Paul Wahlberg, a founder of Wahlburgers, told PR firm Cision, “Our customers have been asking for a delicious, meatless option.” Wahlburgers’ solution was the Impossible Burger – they top it with smoked Cheddar, lettuce, caramelized onions, house-made chili-spiced tomatoes, and Paul’s signature Wahl sauce
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