Multi-Cultural Morning Meals


According to Technomic Inc., 94% of operators who offer unique breakfast items say it has a positive impact on sales. The breakfast landscape is shifting, as ethnic fare, complex flavors, and authentic experiences from an array of cultures are in high demand.

On the Menu

  • Many in the Japanese culture start their day on a healthy note with ichiju sansai, translating to “one soup, three dishes.” Okonomi in Brooklyn, NY offers their spin on this traditional breakfast, serving a choice of three fish, five-grain rice, cubes of smooth tamagoyaki (Japanese-style omelet), house-pickled vegetables, miso soup with purple radish, and broccoli rabe with tofu.
  • Tea & Sympathy in New York, NY, delivers an authentic British experience serving bangers and mash (sausage and potatoes) with onion gravy, Welsh rarebit (savory melted cheese sauce over toast), and scones with jam and clotted cream.
  • ROOH located in San Francisco, CA, offers a modern Indian-inspired morning menu including items such as masala jackfruit tacos with pineapple and avocado raita (yogurt-based Indian condiment) and fried duck eggs with tandoori mushroom, toasted brioche, and chili jam.


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