Mushrooms Named The “It” Vegetable of 2019


The New York Times named mushrooms the “it” vegetable of 2019. Admired for their meaty texture and nutritional value, mushrooms provide versatility, umami*, and functional properties to appetizers, entrées, and even cocktails and desserts. Showcase this timeless, dominating vegetable in items from center-of-the-plate alternatives like portobello steaks and health-conscious burger blends to oyster mushroom fries and mushroom-based curries.

  • New York restaurant Saxon + Parole serves a truffled portobello mushroom mousse appetizer with Parole Whiskey jelly and features mushroom jerky on its garden charcuterie board.
  • P.S. Kitchen, located in New York, NY, serves a maitake steamed bao with glazed mushrooms, watermelon radish, and pickled onions. It also offers a vegetarian buffalo maitake wings dish with celery, potato salad, and house blue cheese.
  • Brooklyn, NY restaurant, Greedi Vegan, menus three portobello mushroom sliders, gluten-free fried oyster mushrooms, and mushroom toast and grits topped with shiitakes, snow caps, and portobello mushrooms with apple-sage sausage and cheese corn grits.

*Umami: Known as the fifth dimension of flavor, providing the palate with nearly indescribable, savory tastes.

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