Carrots trend

The Next “It” Veggies

Just a few short years ago, kale took the food world by storm, going from a little-used garnish to starring on menus across the globe. Since then, chefs have tried to determine what the next must have veggie ingredient will be. Cauliflower had a moment, followed by Brussels sprouts…but this fall it looks like kohlrabi and carrots are winning the popularity contest.

With their strange, knobby appearance and cruciferous health profile, chefs find kohrabi weird and wonderful. Every part of the plant can be used: cube and roast the root, add the leaves to salads, and drop the stems into stir-fries.

Versatile carrots can be juiced, shredded into salads, puréed for soups, roasted with meats and/or potatoes, steamed with fish, and added to cakes and cookies.

Creative ideas such as kohlrabi chips and fries are a great way to experiment with less risk—they make great appetizers and bar snacks.



-Information provided by Markon