Pandan Goes Global


Pandan is a tropical Southeast Asian leaf that adds a sweet, grassy, vanilla-like flavor to drinks, desserts, cocktails, and savory meats. In Sri Lanka, pandan leaves are used for curries, and in India, they’re infused in coconut milk to create rice pudding. many believe pandan leaves have healing properties, but more importantly, they impart foods with aromatic notes and increased visual appeal.

On the Menu

  • Kopitiam in New York, NY, highlights pandan throughout its menu in items such as Kaya Butter Toast with a pandan coconut jam and Pandan Chicken containing minced chicken wrapped with aromatic pandan leaves.
  • Cà Phê Dá Vietnamese Café, located in Chicago, IL, creates a bright green pandan brioche that’s made with vanilla bean, coconut milk, dried coconut, orange, lemon zest, pandan leaves and extract, and serves it with coconut jam.
  • Little Fatty in Los Angeles, CA, enhances its ever-popular Hainan chicken by flavoring it with pandan, ginger, garlic, onions, carrots, turmeric, and shallots and brining for 24 hours.


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