All-Purpose Vietnamese Condiment: NUOC CHAM

Nuoc cham, made of fish sauce, sugar, and lime juice, is a lively sauce that’s a staple of Vietnamese cuisine. According to Datassential, menu mentions of nuoc cham have increased by 75% over the past four years. Cost-effective and easy to prepare, utilize this authentic, quintessential condiment as a marinade, sauce, or dip to add a rich depth of flavor to a variety of menu items.

  • Famous for its “unique Vietnamese cooking,” Saiguette, located in NYC, incorporates nuoc cham into numerous salad offerings, as well as its grilled lemongrass pork shoulder entrée. It also complements its lollipop sugar cane shrimp with nuoc cham as a dipping sauce.
  • With locations in Chicago and Nashville, Sunda New Asian serves a crispy Brussels sprouts salad featuring
    red cabbage, carrots, chilies, and fried shallots dressed with minced shrimp nuoc cham vinaigrette.
  • Beatnik, located in Chicago, IL, menus charred broccolini with nuoc cham, sunflower hummus, pomegranate seeds, and puffed rice.

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