Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos

Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos [with Demo]

Bold and Meatless

Plant-based diets are making a bold impact on modern dining. It’s time for chefs to get creative in the kitchen and discover how to mimic meat, enhance nutrition, and wow with flavor.

Jackfruit is an exotic tropical fruit that makes for a versatile meat substitute. When cooked, the consistency is similar in look and feel to chicken or pork. Combine this with bold flavors of trending cuisine, like carnitas tacos, for a vegan dish that is ready to impress.



Canned Young Jackfruit Item Number #034418


Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos
Shredded jackfruit tacos with charred pineapple con chile, shallot-cilantro pistou, and creamy salsa roja
Jackfruit Carnitas Tacos
Shredded jackfruit tacos with charred pineapple con chile, shallot-cilantro pistou, and creamy salsa roja
Jackfruit Carnitas
Charred Pineapple con Chile
Creamy Salsa Roja
Jackfruit Carnitas
  1. Toss all ingredients in half hotel pan; cover and braise in oven at 400˚F for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Cool and shred jackfruit; refrigerate in airtight container. Makes about 3 cups.
Charred Pineapple con Chile
  1. Rub pineapple slices evenly with oil, chile powder and salt. Grill (or cook on flat top) over medium-high heat until evenly charred, about 10 minutes, turning once; transfer to cutting board and dice. Cool and refrigerate in airtight container. Makes about 2 cups.
Shallot-Cilantro Pistou
  1. Pulse all ingredients, except oil, in food processor until finely chopped. With food processor running, add olive oil in a steady stream and process until emulsified. Refrigerate in airtight container. Makes about 1 cup.
Creamy Salsa Roja
  1. Heat 3 tablespoons oil in a saucepan over medium heat; add dried peppers, garlic and onion and cook for 3 minutes, stirring frequently. Add tomatoes and cook until tomatoes are soft and start to break down, about 5 minutes; remove from heat. Add salt and blend until smooth with immersion blender. With blender running, add remaining ½ cup oil in a steady stream and blend until emulsified. Makes about 2 cups.
For Serving
  1. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a sauté pan over high heat; add about ¾ cup Jackfruit Carnitas and cook until caramelized, about 3 minutes, turning once. Warm Charred Pineapple con Chile and 2 tortillas in oven or on flat top griddle until heated through, about 2 minutes.
  2. Fill tortillas with Jackfruit Carnitas and Charred Pineapple con Chile; top with about ¼ cup Shallot-Cilantro Pistou. Top with cabbage and cilantro sprigs; serve with Creamy Salsa Roja and lime wedges.
Recipe Notes

Maines Paper & Food Service

Ingredient Order Numbers

Garlic Cloves #097207

Bay Leaves #036336

Canned Young Jackfruit #034418

Yellow Onion #097511

Mexican Cola #044259

Orange Juice #028248

Lime Juice #028245

Olive Oil #038387

Dried Oregano #036391

Achiote Paste #980828

Salt #340620

Ground Cumin #036361

Pineapple #096466

Ancho Chile Powder #017467

Sea Salt #036458

Fresh Cilantro #032608

Shallot #097737

Serrano Pepper #097560

Ground Black Pepper #036670

Dried Chile de Arbol Peppers #044146

White Onion #097490

Tomatoes #097807

White Corn Tortillas #019117

Shredded Cabbage #097077

Lime #096209

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