Reduce Food Waste

Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Nose to tail cooking has been heralded by influential chefs for the last several years—now the focus has expanded to the rest of the menu, fresh produce in particular. Root to stalk, compost cooking, vegetable offal…whatever you call it, it’s good for business…and the planet.

  • Using more of any ingredient reduces food waste and lowers food and trash costs.
  • When working with items such as beets, carrots, and turnips, don’t miss the opportunity to use their greens in salads and soups and their peelings to make in-house broths.
  • Confit bitter herb stems for finishing oils that balance rich dishes or add to fresh yogurt for grassy flavors.
  • Practicing first-in, first-out and monitoring shelf-life can maximize yields.



Information provided by Markon