Restaurant Reopening Guide

Reopening Strategy – The New Normal


As you are probably aware, there is talk of many states beginning the process of reopening businesses and public spaces. While this discussion has stirred a mix of emotions from most, it can also be a confusing time for small business owners. There is no doubt that our daily lives and business operations are going to change post-pandemic. What does this mean for the restaurant industry? Below here is a checklist of best practices for restaurants owners & operators to assist in this challenging time.


Restaurant Overview

  • Building customer confidence through adhering to proper procedures
  • Employee training to stay in compliance with sanitation, safety and personal hygiene
  • Menu size and execution
  • Restaurant handbook & policies
  • Check and calibrate before opening: Dish machines, freezers, refrigerators and ice machine
  • Identify high touch point areas surfaces
  • Bathroom maintenance – Clean and disinfect before opening
  • Bathroom maintenance – Set up at least four scheduled cleanings per day
  • Hands free bathroom dispensers
  • Flush water system for at least ten minutes

 Health & Safety

  • Monitor employee’s health
  • Keep sick employees at home
  • Check temperature upon arrival
  • Masks to be worn
  • Hand sanitizer readily available
  • Disposable gloves to be used through the day
  • Sanitizer wipes throughout the restaurant
  • Sanitize and disinfect high touch surfaces regularly
  • Restaurant sanitation and safety

 Front of the house

  • Maintain distances between customers
  • Consider having customer wait outside or in their cars until table is ready
  • Have tables a minimum of six feet apart
  • Spray bottles for cleaning tabletops
  • Plate handling
  • Individual packets of table condiments
  • Disinfect laminated menus after each use
  • Consider disposable menus for table service
  • Encourage touchless payments

 Back of the house

  • Wash hands before putting gloves on
  • Sanitize all surfaces before, during and after each shift
  • Food handling
  • Review receiving procedures
  • Ensure that delivery driver is wearing PPE

 Take out / Delivery process

  • Incorporate a Takeout manager / supervisor
  • Consider a separate entrance for order pick up
  • Consider curbside pick up
  • Sanitize delivery vehicle before shift starts
  • Sanitize delivery transportation containers
  • Sanitizer station for customers and employees