The Rise of Indian Cuisine

Consumers are increasingly drawn to the bold, diverse flavors of Indian cuisine, appealing to customers, especially millennials, with adventurous palates. Spicy, sour, or sweet ingredients make this cuisine flavorful, intriguing, and profitable.


  • Indian Accent in New York differentiates their cuisine from the competition by reimagining traditional classic Delhi Some of these creations include jackfruit and potato podimas (mashed potatoes) with coconut curry, or ghee-roasted lamb served with roti pancakes.
  • With over 100 locations across India, Nepal, and New Zealand, Moti Maha Delux is a New York restaurant that serves elegant Indian food with a friendly, relaxed vibe. Their signature butter chicken is “to-die-for,” and pairs perfectly with the variety of side options cooked in their authentic clay oven.
  • Hot Clay Oven in New York allows customers to construct their own flavorful, Indian-inspired bowls with ingredient options like tandoori chicken, herbed rice, sautéed peppers and onions, roasted cashews, and tamarind chutney, served over their choice of rice, salad, tortilla, or naan