Safety In The Kitchen

Food safety is the most important part of any foodservice business. Handling food is a big responsibility. Improper methods can lead to health code violations or worse if someone gets seriously hurt or sick. A restaurant’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets and an outbreak of foodborne illness can destroy an establishment’s respectability. Proper training and equipment will ensure that both employees and customers will be safe. These products from San Jamar can help ensure food safety.

Color-coding is one of the easiest ways to curb cross-contamination. Saf-T-Grip® Cutting Boards are available in Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) color-coding colors. These cutting boards are integrated with anti-slip grips to provide a safe cutting surface without the need for an unsanitary “wet towel” to steady them. Take color-coding a step further with the Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System.

This kit is designed to help foodservice operators create special food allergen prep procedures to avoid allergen cross contact. The tools, all color-coded, are protected and stored inside a durable purple case. Kleen–Pail® meets HACCP guidelines as dedicated-use, labeled containers for cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Color-coding helps minimize any potential confusion between cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

We don’t always think of ice when we think of foodborne illness but without proper storage and transport, ice can become cross-contaminated. The Saf-T-Ice® Tote protects ice from dangerous contamination during transport. Th e dedicated ice tote features an integrated comfort handle, attaches to ice machines for faster and more efficient filling of ice totes, and is dish machine washing safe.

BUCKET San Jamar
Model No. KP500 Packed 1 ea.
Kleen-Pail® Caddy™, includes pail and spray bottle, plastic, green

BUCKET San Jamar
Model No. KP97GN Packed 12 ea.
Kleen-Pail®, 3 qt., “detergent” printing, plastic, green

ICE TOTE San Jamar
Model No. SI6000 Packed 2 ea.
Saf-T-Ice® Tote, 6 gallon, polycarbonate, rubber handle, with tri-grip feature, includes Saf-T-Ice® HACCP hanger for elevation to waist level, NSF

Model No. CBG182412WH Packed 6 ea.
Saf-T-Grip® Cutting Board, 18” x 24” x 1/2”, anti-slip grip corners, food safety hook, integrated ruler, dishwasher safe, co-polymer, white, NSF

Model No. CBG182412GN Packed 6 ea.
Saf-T-Grip® Cutting Board, 18” x 24” x 1/2”, anti-slip grip corners, food safety hook, integrated ruler, dishwasher safe, co-polymer, green, NSF

San Jamar
Model No. ASZ121812SYS Packed 1 ea.
Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ System, includes: case, 12” stainless steel tong with rubberized dipped handle, turner, Chef’s 10” stainless steel knife with molded purple handle, The Purple Board™ 12” x 18” x 1/2” cutting board & thermometer holder (thermometer not included), dishwasher safe

Model No. LK200W Packed 1 ea.
Lettuce Knife, 12”, serrated edge, dishwasher safe, nylon, green