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Small Plates

The mature small plate trend is an established way of dining. Where an appetizer and entrée existed before, four or five small plates reside today. Flavor, texture and temperature sensations are doubled or tripled during a meal, and the guest is left with a richer memory. A much higher value is placed on the basic skills of cooking. The quality of ingredients, culinary execution, and flavor concept are front and center for the chef to exhibit and the guest to behold. Nothing says more about a restaurant’s culture than a properly opened oyster, expertly selected vegetables and perfectly seared salmon. Small plates done well — simple, clean, and reverent — can effortlessly represent your brand.




MainesDirect is a unique program that offers our customers access to many specialty items imported from around the world and delivered right to their business location. MainesDirect can source a variety of products, from imported truffle oils and vinegars – to mustards and the number 1 imported sea salt in the U.S. Ingredients sourced through MainesDirect can help make any small plate stand out.

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Featured Small Plate Recipes :