Snack Time

According to Datassential, snacking occasions now outnumber traditional meals in the U.S. – just 10% of consumers stick to a breakfast-lunch-dinner meal pattern. Customers want to snack on the food they’re craving any time of day, creating blurred lines for dedicated meal times. Maximize on this opportunity by offering snack items throughout your menu or creating a separate “snack” category.

  • Pig Bleecker, located in New York, NY, features a snack list that includes Deviled Eggs of the Day and Pecan Candied Bacon.
  • Pokeatery, located in San Mateo and Castro Valley, CA, recently added Pokecado Toast to its menu, combining two on-trend foods, avocado and poke, into one hot item.
  • Snack Boys Snack Bar in Walker’s Point, WI, centers their entire operation on the snacking concept. Their menu lists a variety of small plate meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. Some of their items include Tater Tots with Caviar, Beef Snack Sliders, Duck Nuggets with FoieBq, and Pork Skewers.