Soup Dumpling Sensation

Also known as xiaolongbao or XLB, soup dumplings have been a longtime staple in dim sum concepts and have recently gained popularity for the distinct eating experience they provide. These soup-filled pouches often contain minced pork or crabmeat with savory gelatinous broth, but they also make the perfect platform for culinary creativity.

  • New York’s Drunken Dumpling serves up a sharable soup dumpling dish called “XL XLB.” Inside this extra large dumpling, customers will find crab, scallops, shrimp, and pork in a combination of chicken, pork, and vegetable broths.
  • Specializing in authentic Shanghai street foods, Yaso Tangbao in Brooklyn, NY, offers an array of soup dumplings including pork, spicy pork, chicken with activated charcoal, and blue crab and pork.
  • Opening in Los Angeles, CA, in 2019, Singapore-based restaurant Paradise Dynasty is known for its eight multicolored and unconventional soup dumplings that are dyed using natural colorings from ingredients such as beets and spinach. Flavors include crab roe, ginseng, garlic, and cheese.