Markon features Finger Limes, Gold Kiwifruits, and Ghost Chile Peppers in this Early June Specialty Produce Report

Specialty Produce Report: Early June 2018

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Finger Limes

Finger limes are a type of micro-citrus with leathery skins and small pockets of juice that resemble caviar. They grow in a variety of colors, including green, pink, and yellow. The flavor is bright and tart, comparable to lime or grapefruit juice. Finger limes work well in cocktails, salsas, scallop dishes, sushi, and vinaigrettes. On the market through September, they are typically shipped in eight-ounce clamshell cartons.

gold kiwi

Gold Kiwifruits

Although gold kiwifruits look similar to their green counterparts, they have a very different flavor—think mango, with a hint of sweet melon. Their skins are smooth and almost fuzz-free, making them entirely edible. Use in green and tropical salads or on cheesecakes and tarts. They are available from June to September in volume-filled, 108- and 117-count sizes or tray-packed in 27- and 33-count boxes.

ghost chile peppers

Ghost Chile Peppers

One of the hottest chile peppers in the world, Ghost chiles measure 855,000-1,050,000 Scovilles. Their average size is two- to three-inches long and one-inch wide. Color varies from green to orange to red; skins are thin and waxy. Used in hot sauces, marinades, salsas, and spicy curries, they also work well with potatoes and in fiery pasta dishes. Available through September, they are shipped in 8/.5-gram packs.

Early June 2018