Markon features Cape Gooseberries, Hatch Chile Peppers, and Micro Red Ribbon Sorrel in this Late August Specialty Produce Report

Specialty Produce Report: Late August 2018

Featured Items

Cape Gooseberries

Cape gooseberries are wrapped inside thin papery husks; remove their casings and rinse to reveal shiny, peachy-golden skins. Their flesh is juicy and slightly firm. Gooseberries have a tart, almost bitter flavor, making them excellent jam and preserve ingredients, but they also pair well with beef, game, and pork. In season most of the year, they are typically packed in 12-count half-pints.


Hatch Chile Peppers

These highly prized chile peppers are grown in New Mexico’s Hatch Valley, where the unique soil composition and sunny climate contribute to their consistent flavor. Chefs go so crazy for these mildly spicy peppers that there is even a festival named in their honor. Hatch chile peppers are ideal for stuffing; they are also great in dips, salsas, and soups. Look for them through August in 30-pound boxes


Micro Red Ribbon Sorrel

Red ribbon sorrel has nearly lime green leaves that are pointed with deep red veins. It has delicate lettuce-like flavor with tart lemony notes that balance salad mixes or sandwiches. Try using as a garnish to a variety of savory appetizers, soups, and even cocktails. Available year-round, it is shipped in 4- and 8-ounce packs.

Late August 2018