Specialty Produce Report: Late July 2018

Featured Items

French Prune Plums

French prune plums are so sweet that they have long been nicknamed sugar plums. Small and oval-shaped, they possess deep purple-to-black, mottled skins with powdery blushes; their flesh is juicy and amber-colored. Use in pies or tarts, pair with salty ham and blue cheese, or grill with chicken and pork. Available through mid-August, French prune plums are packed in 28-pound cartons.

Japanese Eggplants

A longer, thinner variety than Globe eggplant, the Japanese type also has deep purple skin with meaty texture and many soft, edible seeds. Cooking removes their bitter flavor and develops earthy, complex notes that pair well with garlic, onions, and tomatoes. Japanese eggplants are ideal in curries, dips, pasta dishes, and stir-fries. Available most of the year, they are shipped in 10- and 25-pound packs.

Red Cactus Pears

These pear-shaped fruits of cacti plants have deep crimson, leathery skins and brilliant red flesh with texture comparable to watermelons. Typically found in the cuisines of Latin America, red cactus pears can be used in agua frescas, green salads, and salsas. They can serve as a substitute for any melon. Puree and use in cocktails and smoothies. Available most of the year, they are usually packed in 10- and 40-pound boxes

Late July 2018