Customer Spotlight: Red Leaf Salad Company

Fresh and Healthy Customizable Creations

With greasy, unwholesome fast food and restaurant chains around every corner, Dallas, Pennsylvania, was in desperate need of a restaurant that offered healthy, convenient options. Red Leaf Salad Company changed the game for their community with a modern, vibrant, edgy, welcoming, and reliable shop that serves healthy and customizable salads, soups, wraps, grain bowls, and more.

Not Your Average Salad Shop

Red Leaf provides customers with endless possibilities for hearty combinations that they can customize to their craving. With over 70 toppings and 20 house-made dressings to choose from, customers can combine greens, fruits and veggies, protein, cheeses, beans, grains, pasta, crunchy items, and dressings to create their perfect personalized salad, wrap, or grain bowl. The options at Red Leaf go beyond the standard salad shop ingredients. The protein choices range from salmon, shrimp, chicken, and sesame encrusted ahi tuna to vegetarian-friendly options like house-made black bean and chickpea burgers and marinated tofu. Red Leaf creates their house-made dressings from scratch every day utilizing the area’s freshest produce and local ingredients whenever possible. Some of the dressings are special limited-time-offers and are updated to reflect the season. Sweet Ginger Carrot, Spicy Verde, Parmesan Peppercorn, Honey Chipotle, Clean Curry Vinaigrette, and White Balsamic Vinaigrette are just a handful of the signature dressings.

Along with the build-your-own options, they also offer signature salad, wrap, and grain bowl selections; The Southwest salad is a customer favorite that contains romaine topped with avocado, banana peppers, black beans, quinoa, corn, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips and creamy southwest dressing. If customers are craving something other than salads, grain bowls, or wraps or if they want to add another component to their meal, they can try the signature soups made in- house daily. The soup options change day to day and include flavors such as Spicy Sausage and Kale, Chicken Fiesta, Spicy Bisque with Corn and Parm, Roasted Cauliflower and more.

The Grab-and-Go Factor

The owners of Red Leaf, Rich Samanas, Allison Samanas, Aaron Chesonis, and Jennifer Chesonis, envisioned a restaurant for their community that served healthy, filling, and delicious meals quickly and conveniently. Since their original location opened in Dallas in 2014, they have opened a second location in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a more densely populated city about 10 miles away. With their locations being near school districts and universities, shopping centers, and central highways, Red Leaf’s locations thoughtfully play into their vital grab-and-go factor. Building on the ease of the customer experience, all items are served in to-go packaging, making it easy for anyone in the surrounding area to enjoy affordable, healthy meals on the run.

Customers can order in the store, or if they’re in a time crunch, they can order easily online via Red Leaf’s website or online food ordering platform, ChowNow. They simply select their items, purchase their order, and bypass the line. Rich Samanas recognized the growing impact mobile ordering has on the industry, leading to the decision to incorporate another element of convenience for Red Leaf’s customers. Samanas found ChowNow to be the most user-friendly compared to other online ordering platforms and preferred it because it enabled him to have the most hands-on control over the menu. ChowNow is interactive with  Red Leaf ’s website and Facebook page, and it allows for the use of an app to enhance the mobile ordering experience. The ChowNow app platform also gives Red Leaf the ability to update the menu, set the prices, change store hours, and more.

Strength in Local Partnerships

To complement their nutritious fare, Red Leaf offers better-for-you beverages such as water, tea, fruit juices, and on-trend, nutritious libations such as kombucha. “Partnering with local businesses and staying involved in the community makes for a well-rounded brand and really gives you one step up in the business,” Samanas said. Six months after opening, Red Leaf partnered with local business, Natalie’s Craft Kombucha, to give their customers a health-benefiting refreshment option that perfectly supplements their wholesome meals. Red Leaf works with as many local businesses as opportunity allows. Aside from Natalie’s Craft Kombucha, Red Leaf also sources locally harvested honey from local business, The Bee Keeper’s Daughter.

The partnership Red Leaf has with Maines is incredibly valuable to them, as they rely heavily on the input they receive from Maines. Samanas stated, “I am very particular as far as packaging goes, and Maines has been able to help me piece everything together.” From the distribution channels and getting it to Red Leaf promptly, Maines exceeds standard expectations for a business partnership  with  Red Leaf. Whether it’s the annual Maines Food Show, reviewing ideas in the Essence of Maines magazine, or presenting samples, Red Leaf ’s Maines Territory Manager, Tony Maley, has introduced them to new concepts and ideas to keep their offerings top-quality and on-trend over the last four years. Maines adds immense value to Red Leaf and plays a significant role in their success

Red Leaf Worker

Red Leaf is a flourishing restaurant that is one step ahead of the competition when it comes to the increasing demand for healthy, customizable, and convenient meals to go. Some of the most significant lessons Samanas as learned with his experiences at Red Leaf are the importance of “knowing your product inside and out. And if you’re using somebody else’s product, you should also know that inside and out. In this industry, issues are always going to arise, and you must be able to think on your feet to come up with solutions.” Finally, Samanas said, “The customer experience always comes first.”

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