Spreadable and Spicy Salami: ‘Nduja

Menu mentions of ‘nduja are up 2,507% over the last four years. ‘Nduja, (pronounced “en-doo-ya”), is an intensely flavored, spicy salami that’s spreadable. Chefs are incorporating it into butters and pizza and burger toppings to add a burst of authentic Italian tastes and increase the authenticity of their menus.

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‘Nduja: #039840 5/1lb.

  • Upland in New York, NY, serves ‘nduja pizza with stracciatella cheese and passata (tomato purée). They also offer a razor clam appetizer topped with ‘nduja, bok choy, parsley, and breadcrumbs.
  • Gastropub Forbidden Root in Chicago, IL, offers ‘Nduja Sausage as a bar snack that features toast topped with ‘nduja, pickled mustard seeds, chives, and honey. They also serve sea bass with ‘nduja bean stew, wild citrus relish, and breadcrumbs.
  • Portico by Fabio Viviani, previous Maines Food Show special guest, located in Waterloo, NY, features spicy ‘nduja in his ‘Nduja Mac & Cheese that’s topped with herb breadcrumbs and served as a pasta entrée as well as a side.