stuffed squash blossom

Spring Trend: Stuffed Pockets of Deliciousness

Little pockets of deliciousness…they are called by many different names and contain a wide variety of ingredients, but one thing for sure is that their popularity (especially as appetizers) is far from slowing down.


squash blossomSquash Blossoms

With spring comes the harvesting of delicate squash blossoms—go the Italian route and fill them with housemadeRicotta cheese, fresh basil, and zesty garlic; batter and fry to create a crunchy-creamy bite that pairs well with crema, lemon juice, and marinara sauce.


The Eastern European name for cheese, meat, and/or mashed potato dumplings, seem to be one of the more
popular versions. On trend variations include Brussels sprouts, pickled onions, and Swiss chard.

Samosas & Pakoras

Indian cuisine is making in-roads on contemporary menus. One way to include these flavors is to offer samosas and/or pakoras—pastry-filled with potatoes and peas as well as savory spices like cumin and coriander.pea samosa


Trends provided by Markon Cooperative