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Diversifying Your Steakhouse Menu

Steakhouses will always have a place in the restaurant landscape. With so many options crowding the market, restaurant operators have to differentiate their steakhouse menus to attract and retain customers. New cuts of meat are one of the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) top predicted trends for 2019 and provide a strategic approach to distinguish your offerings. With the increasing demand ...

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Grass-Fed Filet Mignon & Yellowfin Tuna Duo

The Modern Surf & Turf Steakhouses are a well-beloved restaurant segment. With consistent competition and ever-growing expectations, it’s essential to keep your menu on-trend. Consumers are looking for a broader range of options, adventurous flavors, and transparency of ingredients. Meet this demand by offering a unique, signature surf & turf special. Filet mignon and yellowfin tuna make a perfect duo ...

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Essential Elements of Mediterranean Cuisine

mediterranean cuisine

The current consumer love affair with Mediterranean cuisine provides an opportunity to cast vegetables and grains in a refreshing new light on your menu. Some 28% of Gen Xers (ages 41-52) say they love Greek/Mediterranean food, ranking the highest of all demographics according to a report by Datassential. For more than half of a century, scientists have intensely studied the ...

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