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Cheeses For Your Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board does not stand on cured meats alone. Cheese adds substance and heft to meat like nothing else. We’ve profiled some of the best cheeses to bring out the full flavor of charcuterie meats and pâté. TRIPLE CREAM This luxurious cheese contains more than 75% butterfat in its dry matter, which is, roughly 40% fat overall. It has ...

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Tasty Cheeses to Top Salads and More

Cheese has always been a staple in salads and it pairs wonderfully with produce-rich dishes, among an endless list of other summer-friendly foods like burgers, pizzas and even desserts like ice cream, tarts and pastries. We’ve profiled some of the best cheeses for an easy, quick reference to complement your summer menu. Chevre In most U.S. markets, soft, fresh goat ...

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The Best of Italian Cheeses

The star of Italian food is most often its luxurious and decadent cheeses. The wide variety of artisanal cheeses from Italy offers an abundance of culinary possibilities. We’ve profiled some of the best for an easy, quick reference in the kitchen. FRESH MOZZARELLA Region of Origin: Southern Italy Type: Soft to semi-soft Flavor Notes: Mild and delicate with a fresh ...

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How to Pick the Right Cheese to Top Your Sandwich

What is a sandwich without the addition of a slice of great cheese? Cheese is more than just an additional topping, it is an important flavor and texture component. Soft/Fresh Cheeses Mild, rich, and creamy, soft/fresh cheeses such as mascarpone, ricotta, goat and feta are great for using as a spread. Pair them with sweet treats, such as honey and ...

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The Best of Sandwich Cheeses

The quality of your sandwich relies heavily on the quality of your cheese. Meet the best sandwich cheeses that will embolden your menu and change your sandwich game: Cheddar: Cheese brands have had great success in adding flavors to our all-American favorite. Here are some wonderful examples that will add zip, tang, heat or herb flavors to your sandwich: Chipotle, ...

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See Profits Soar with Cheese-Based Foods

Whether it’s a hot bowl of oatmeal in the morning or meatloaf and mashed potatoes, everyone has a favorite comfort food. Grilled cheese sandwiches and macaroni & cheese often top the list of beloved comfort foods, although when dining out, customers don’t want to see something on your menu that they could make at home!   You should also explore ...

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Cheesy Breakfast Sandwiches

cheese breakfast sandwiches

A breakfast sandwich is typically made showcasing any type of bread, egg, protein, vegetable, and cheese. Breakfast sandwiches speak directly to both consumer needs and wants for value and portability, as well as operator goals of a high-margin menu item. It is also a great opportunity to get creative with innovative ingredient pairings. Chefs can focus on regional varieties, or ...

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The Menu Adoption Cycle of Cheese

Menu adoption cycle of cheeses

Each cheese you use is at a particular stage on the Menu Adoption Cycle. Do you know what these stages are? It is important to understand the characteristic differences of each stage. Trends in the adoption stage, for example, are likely to continue growing, as they have (just) begun to gain broad support. Those in the inception stage, meanwhile, are ...

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