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Ways to Kick Up Your Entree Salads

Kicked Up Salads

With the increasing focus on healthy menu offerings and produce-based options, you may want to take a look at your salad selection to make sure you have an array of tempting entrée salads that your customers can order for lunch or a light, wholesome dinner. And that doesn’t mean adding a chef salad to the menu and calling it a ...

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How to Incorporate Local Produce on Your Menu Year-Round

Key trends right now in the industry are using local, fresh ingredients and making dishes from scratch. House-made syrups, sauces and compotes are a way to incorporate local produce onto your menu year round, not just while they are in season. They can be used in a variety of places on a menu, from sauces and dessert toppings to specialty ...

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Capturing A Greater Value With Produce

One piece of advice that I consistently offer is that before making a decision, think about why it’s important to your business for the long haul. Ask yourself this about every little part of your business and you can’t go wrong. When practicing this strategy, you also help create a “story” for your business, which is the most important thing ...

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Culinary Q&A: David Chang


Chef Eamon Lee, CEC, weighs in on our 2016 Food Show special guest, David Chang. Get his perspective on Chang’s success and impact on the industry and learn how Maines customers can incorporate the celebrity chef and restaurateur’s ideas and innovations into your own operations. When did you first hear about David Chang and what was your initial impression? I ...

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Why Mocktails Matter

Whenever I’m out dining with friends and the initial drink order comes around to me, a hush always falls over the table and the server’s mouth falls agape when I ask, “What can you offer without alcohol?” It’s hard not to feel like a social outcast because the answers invariably smack of a patronizing “Duh?” kind of tone; “Welllll…we have ...

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Emerging Kitchen Technologies

Chefs have been incorporating technology into their craft using induction, convection, pressure, water vapor, vacuums, and water baths for a few decades now, but the advancements have been enjoyed largely by institutions, processors and ultra-high end restaurants. Just like tech advances in our everyday lives like smartphones, automated checkouts, and micro-computers, kitchen tech advancement has come so far that it ...

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The Deconstructed Cannoli

deconstructed cannoli

What’s more romantic than sharing? Here’s a dessert idea to roll out for Valentine’s Day and then keep on the menu happily ever after. Cannoli Chips and Dip, The Deconstructed Cannoli, The Holy Cannoli…whatever you want to call it, it’s new, cool, easy to sell and profitable across the board! Better yet, its fast and easy to make! Here’s how: ...

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How to Implement Large Plate Meals in Your Restaurant

Move over small plates! The rapidly growing large plate trend caters to the desires of both chefs and customers, and it’s popping up on menus everywhere. For the customer, the benefits include a high value dining experience, elimination of ordering decisions, and a socially rich atmosphere that millennials and Gen Z’s crave. For the operator, large plate meals allow precise ...

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