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How to Get Perfect Potatoes Every Time

Whether you’re serving them mashed, roasted, fried our even poutine-style – Avoid ruining this versatile root vegetable during the cooking process by following these tips from our friends at Food & Wine Roasted Potatoes 1. Are you experiencing tough results when tossing raw potatoes into the oven? To achieve a crisp exterior and creamy interior, parboil potatoes until ¾ cooked. ...

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Tips on Buying Fresh Pasta

So you’re a savvy chef, or a wise food buyer, or a restaurant owner with a keen eye for value. You already know you want to buy fresh gourmet pasta to add to your menu offerings. Pasta is an ideal canvas to showcase a chef’s signature flavors, and using fresh gourmet pasta can turn a great dish into an unforgettable ...

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How to Poach Eggs in Bulk Before Service


Bring water in a 15-20 qt. rondo to a gentle simmer. The water should be acidulated with 1 Tbsp. of vinegar (to help coagulate the egg protein) and 1 tsp. of salt to 4 cups of water. Give the water a stir to create a gentle swirling current, and add eggs one at a time. Continue to gently stir the ...

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Cooking Fish with Cast Iron

cooking fish in cast iron

There is nothing quite so wonderful as a perfectly seared piece of fish: Crispy crust on one side, just-barely-done meat in the center. It is one of the great tastes of the world. Cooking fish in a cast iron skillet has a long tradition in American cooking. Since a cast iron skillet can withstand high temperatures, it is the preferred ...

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How to Make Ceviche

how to make ceviche

Ceviche is raw seafood “cooked” by marinating in citrus juices, usually lime or lemon. Ceviche is not sushi. Ceviche is a South American staple that makes for a bright and refreshing meal. The citric acid firms up the fish so that, while still raw, it tastes and feels cooked. The fish should be firm on the exterior, but with a ...

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How to Cedar Roast Fish

cedar plank salmon

In its modern Northwestern form, a wooden plank placed in an oven became a natural and fragrant baking sheet for cooking fish. Small whole fish such as trout, char, walleye, bass, salmon, and even lake perch are excellent for planking, especially cedar planking. They get the flavor of the wood plank on one side and a burnished golden color and ...

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How to Grill a Whole Fish

how to grill a whole fish

The perfect way to show off your freshest fish is to serve it whole, fresh off the grill, with crispy skin and moist flesh. The skin protects the delicate flesh, the bones keep it juicy, and you can stuff the cavity with flavorful citrus and herbs. Still, grilling a whole fish can be tricky, so here we share with you ...

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How to Wok Steam Fish

how to wok steam fish

This dish is a riff on an ancient Chinese method for cooking fish where the flavor of steamed whole fish is turbocharged by a drizzling of smoking-hot, skin-crisping oil. The first thing you want to do is slice a few lemons and toss them with salt and sugar, and refrigerate until ready to use. When they are ready, insert several ...

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