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Globally Inspired Takeout

Today’s savvy diners want authenticity, bold flavor, portability, and convenience. Globally inspired street food delivers on all of these aspects, and when offered to go, it can be incredibly profitable for your operation. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the flavor profiles and cultures from which inspiration can be drawn for your to-go program.

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Large Plates Mean Big Business

In most parts of the world, meals revolve around a shared single protein with an assortment of sides and that’s the way most people eat at home. Sharing large plates like a pizza at an Italian restaurant or a Peking duck at a Chinese restaurant has been a common restaurant dining experience but the appetizer-entree format has always been the ...

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How to Implement Large Plate Meals in Your Restaurant

Move over small plates! The rapidly growing large plate trend caters to the desires of both chefs and customers, and it’s popping up on menus everywhere. For the customer, the benefits include a high value dining experience, elimination of ordering decisions, and a socially rich atmosphere that millennials and Gen Z’s crave. For the operator, large plate meals allow precise ...

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Small Plates – Big Trend

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Small Plates is a manner of dining that became popular in Western Foodservice after 2000. Small Plates may either refer to small dishes resembling appetizers which are ordered a la carte and often shared (such as tapas), or to the small courses served as part of a more formal meal.   Some types of Small Plates which have been influenced ...

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Small Plates

small plate

The mature small plate trend is an established way of dining. Where an appetizer and entrée existed before, four or five small plates reside today. Flavor, texture and temperature sensations are doubled or tripled during a meal, and the guest is left with a richer memory. A much higher value is placed on the basic skills of cooking. The quality ...

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