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Building a Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board doesn’t follow a recipe, but is instead a lesson in composition. Put together the perfect charcuterie plate with diverse textures and flavors using this easy cheat sheet. Pickled Vegetables Pickled vegetables complement the rich and salty flavors of meats and cheeses. Pickled items like red peppers, carrots, olives, and red onions are a palate cleanser in between ...

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Apple Inspiration for Your Menu

apple slaw

We’ve profiled a few examples of how to best take advantage of an ingredient available fresh from our backyards – New York apples. Apple Cider Reduction Apple cider reduction is everything wonderful about fall, condensed into one syrup. It is pure, distilled essence of apple. Creating an apple cider reduction is as simple as boiling apple cider to one seventh ...

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The Big Apples Of New York

The sweet, crisp, tart, and juicy apple is a versatile ingredient in any culinary professional’s arsenal. Apples are great in all-American staples like the classic pie as well as French bistro dishes such as pork tenderloin with apples. They do well in soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, cocktails, and, of course, dessert, and are a go-to ingredient to feed the tastes ...

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