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Offering a Non-Traditional Lent Menu

For restaurants, Lent is an opportune time to adapt menus to customers’ needs and test drive new items for limited time offers (LTOs) that could possibly become permanent. It’s also a popular time for seafood offerings, but demand for non-seafood options has grown, according to a survey by GrubHub. Seafood has been a go-to choice for restaurants but with vegetables ...

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Winter Trends: Celery is Cool, Tasty Tumeric, Indulgent Treats

savory desserts

Hip Veg: Chefs Embrace Celery Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower…some unlikely vegetables have moved from the shadows of the menu into the spotlight. Is it celery’s turn? Many chefs seem to think so. No cook worth their toque would consider working without this humble ingredient… it’s integral to the classic sauce- and soupbase mirepoix and gives punch to many mayonnaise-based salads ...

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Winter Trends: Ugly Vegetables, Clean Eating, Artificial Backlash

Ugly Vegetables A lot of what is grown in this country gets thrown away, wasted, or goes unused solely because of its appearance, but homely roduce tastes just as delicious as picture-perfect products. Utilizing what the industry refers to as seconds can go a long way towards reducing waste and saving resources—as well as help the bottom line. Once an ...

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How to Implement Large Plate Meals in Your Restaurant

Move over small plates! The rapidly growing large plate trend caters to the desires of both chefs and customers, and it’s popping up on menus everywhere. For the customer, the benefits include a high value dining experience, elimination of ordering decisions, and a socially rich atmosphere that millennials and Gen Z’s crave. For the operator, large plate meals allow precise ...

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Infusing Ethnic Flavors For An Authentic Experience

Now more than ever, savvy diners, especially millennials, are concerned with a meal’s authenticity. When it comes to ethnically influenced menu items, family-style preparations are a more authentic way to present food from other corners of the world. Large platters are nothing new to ethnic cuisine, as this type of dining is traditional at restaurants such as Chinese and Korean ...

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Choosing Proteins for Large Plates

When meat is presented as the centerpiece of a meal something special occurs. Customers crave these large portion, shareable meals when dining out. Large platters boasting beautiful cuts of meat can help restaurants and food service operators meet customer needs for communal dining, shared plates, and unique, bold flavors that are all currently trending. When it comes to choosing the ...

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Small Plates – Big Trend

small plates header

Small Plates is a manner of dining that became popular in Western Foodservice after 2000. Small Plates may either refer to small dishes resembling appetizers which are ordered a la carte and often shared (such as tapas), or to the small courses served as part of a more formal meal.   Some types of Small Plates which have been influenced ...

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Noodle Soup… a Fall Menu Must-Have


From chicken noodle to ramen to pho…a bowl of warm, savory soup tops the list of autumn must-haves. And with choices from nearly every type of cuisine, it’s easy to fit one into your menu. • Thai favorite tom yum is a sweet and sour soup that combines the exotic flavors of lemongrass, galangal, and lime leaves; soba noodles work ...

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Hot Fall Food Trends

garlic confit

Here are some of the latest food trends in the industry that are becoming very popular this fall. Fat… The 6th Sense Scientists now claim fat is the sixth sense after sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. Characterized more by feel than flavor, fats can add to the enjoyment and change the perception of many foods. The key to keeping ...

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Inside Scoop on the Latest Restaurant Trends with Maines

large plates

Guy Zehner, Maines VP of Marketing and Brands, shared an inside scoop with the Maines team on some of the hottest trends in the restaurant industry. Here’s what he had to say… Community Dining & Large Plates This is a trend that is popping up everywhere. Today restaurants are being designed around the large plate concept. River Roast, a new, ...

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