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The Superfood of the Sea & Blackened Foods

The Superfood of the Sea Full of micronutrients and calcium, seaweed may give swimmers a chill down their spine, but it is a popular ingredient that provides dishes with numerous minerals as well as a healthy garnish. It is also sustainable, environmentally friendly, and contains fiber, iodine, vitamin B, vitamin C, and iron. • Combine and blend toasted seaweed with ...

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The Perfect Egg Alternative & Cocktails Gone Wild

The Perfect Egg Alternative Otherwise known as the liquid that chickpeas and beans are soaked in, aquafaba is an emerging ingredient that is popular for its egg-like consistency and plant-based properties. It has a unique mix of starches and proteins that give it a wide variety of emulsifying, foaming, binding, gelatinizing, and thickening properties. • Explore aquafaba’s full potential by ...

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2017 Herb of the Year & Name Brand Sweet Treats

2017 Herb of the Year Named 2017 Herb of the Year by the International Herb Association, coriander seeds or cilantro leaves boost the flavor of many foods. Cilantro is the bright green leaves and stems of the coriander plant found in many ethnic dishes, giving them a lemony and fresh taste. • Top a chili, stew, or soup with sour ...

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Trends: Flock to This Trend + Shoulder Season

Fried Chicken

Flock to This Trend If you don’t already have a fried chicken sandwich on your menu, now is the perfect time to jump aboard the bandwagon. Celebrity chefs including David Chang are creating their own fried chicken concepts and customers are lining up for these craveable sandwiches. • Try some Southern comfort with toppings such as peach slaw or ketchup. ...

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Trends: Say Aloha to Hawaiian Flavors + A Jolt of Java

Coffee Beans

Say Aloha to Hawaiian Flavors Home to many Filipino, Japanese, and Southeast Asian immigrants, Hawaii produces fusion food that combines elements of many unique culinary traditions. • Yellowtail, Wahoo, and Opakapaka are on-trend, Hawaiian fish popular for their lean protein content and delicate flavors. Serve them in dishes like fish tacos, soups, or poke. Add a ginger and panko crust ...

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Trends: Go Bold or Go Home + Tap Into This


Go Bold or Go Home With more diners using food as a way to explore new cultures, ethnic flavors continue to influence many dishes. For some home cooks, such cuisines can be challenging to tackle at home so consumers are seeking out restaurants that offer globally inspired dishes with flair. • North African flavors are stepping into the spotlight. Incorporate ...

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Nutrient-Dense Snacks


The days of stale peanuts and pretzels are long gone…today’s bar snacks and appetizers are just as important as any other daypart. Healthy ingredients are also key to the balance of dining (and drinking) out on the town. • Hand-held summer rolls combine crunchy vegetables like carrots and cucumbers with soft noodles, tofu, and mango; add spice with a fiery ...

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