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Danny Meyer Presents: Enlightened Hospitality

Last May, we had the pleasure of having Danny Meyer from Union Square Hospitality Group as the special guest speaker at the annual Maines Food Show, which our customers are still buzzing about. Now, almost a year later, Meyer and his Shake Shack mini-empire went public with their stock, and shares more than doubled in one day. The company is ...

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The Secret Ingredients of Hospitality – as Told by Danny Meyer

danny meyer

Being a “hot new” restaurant doesn’t guarantee being a successful one. After all, what’s hot today is cold tomorrow. But does anything guarantee success? A secret recipe? A stunning location? A celebrity chef? Here at Maines, we were inspired by Danny Meyer, featured speaker at the 2014 Maines Food Show. After our interview, it was clear why companies clamor for ...

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Building a Powerful and Profitable Restaurant Brand: Part 2

building a powerful restaurant brand

The first part of this post covered the 4 keys of “Creating a Great Restaurant Concept”. The second part of the Restaurant Formula involves 6 Critical Success Factors. While your Concept is important, it will only attract  customers if it is executed effectively. There are six Critical Success Factors for executing a great Concept. Most restaurant failures happen because they are ...

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