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How to Incorporate Local Produce on Your Menu Year-Round

Key trends right now in the industry are using local, fresh ingredients and making dishes from scratch. House-made syrups, sauces and compotes are a way to incorporate local produce onto your menu year round, not just while they are in season. They can be used in a variety of places on a menu, from sauces and dessert toppings to specialty ...

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How to Build the Perfect Crostini

Crostini is limited only by your imagination. Seafood, such as sardines or smoked trout, makes for a great topping. For more meaty flavor use pâté or cured meats. Many great crostini are vegetarian, made with hearty ingredients like tapenade, beans, capers, and both fresh and dried produce. Crostini is also great for dessert. As savory crostini is an excellent way ...

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How to Build The Perfect Smoothie

kale smoothie

Use this simple guide below to put together the perfect smoothie! Sweet & Spice Sweeteners like honey, agave, or maple syrup used in the featured recipe satisfy the sweet tooth. Spices and extracts like cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla will balance out the flavors of the ingredients in the smoothie. Frozen Fruit Fruit plays the biggest role in the smoothie’s flavor. ...

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How to Cook With Coffee And Tea

cooking with coffee

The number of coffee and tea connoisseurs is about equal to the number of wine devotees, and just like wine these beverages add depth to any dish. The flavor notes of coffee add a robust, earthy flavor to both sweet and savory dishes, and tea creates grassy, herbal, sweet, and even smoky flavors in a dish. Cooking with coffee and ...

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Elements Of An Apple Pie

Though apples are native to Kazakhstan, and the first recorded apple pie recipe is from an English cookbook published in 1381, apple pie is thought of by many as the quintessential American dessert. Like so many other humble inventions, though the apple pie has roots elsewhere, it was American innovation that truly made it great. “Pie is the American synonym ...

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How To Implement a Charcuterie Program in Your Restaurant

Charcuterie is a food trend that has proven to have longevity. Whether you already have a charcuterie program, or are considering adding one, Maines can help you take advantage of this burgeoning menu essential. Learn the benefits of a charcuterie program and then get professional insight into how to implement one. This includes advice from our trusted partners at Atalanta ...

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