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Peppercorn-Dill Chicken Schnitzel with Creamy Mustard-Gruyère Mornay

Peppercorn-Dill Chicken Schnitzel

  As we focus on reimagining continental cuisine throughout 2020, see how we put a twist on an old classic. With origins in Austria, chicken schnitzel is another intriguing way to capture consumers’ attention. While the breaded chicken dish is usually served with a fresh lemon wedge, swapping that out for dill, pepper, and a creamy mustard-gruyère mornay will give your customers ...

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How to Incorporate Local Produce on Your Menu Year-Round

Key trends right now in the industry are using local, fresh ingredients and making dishes from scratch. House-made syrups, sauces and compotes are a way to incorporate local produce onto your menu year round, not just while they are in season. They can be used in a variety of places on a menu, from sauces and dessert toppings to specialty ...

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How to Build the Perfect Crostini

Crostini is limited only by your imagination. Seafood, such as sardines or smoked trout, makes for a great topping. For more meaty flavor use pâté or cured meats. Many great crostini are vegetarian, made with hearty ingredients like tapenade, beans, capers, and both fresh and dried produce. Crostini is also great for dessert. As savory crostini is an excellent way ...

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