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3 Alternative Ways to Cook Fresh Ravioli

Why stick with just boiling a fresh pasta ravioli when there are other ways to cook them? Try any of these alternatives for a unique menu offering to your customers: 1. Steaming Take some inspiration from dim sum and try steaming ravioli! This can be a convenient alternative to boiling, especially if you are already baking or steaming other items ...

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How to Get Perfect Potatoes Every Time

Whether you’re serving them mashed, roasted, fried our even poutine-style – Avoid ruining this versatile root vegetable during the cooking process by following these tips from our friends at Food & Wine Roasted Potatoes 1. Are you experiencing tough results when tossing raw potatoes into the oven? To achieve a crisp exterior and creamy interior, parboil potatoes until ¾ cooked. ...

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How to Pair Wine with Seafood

how to pair wine with seafood

Pairing wine with fish or seafood can be daunting. Yes, white wines are generally the right choice—but which ones? From flaky tilapia to steak-like swordfish, there is a range of potential wine pairings. Beyond just the choice of fish, the sauce and fish preparation affects what tastes best when pairing wine with fish. Here are some quick rules when serving ...

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Tips from Our Specialists: Proper Hand Washing for Restaurants

Health inspections are a regular part of life in any food service business, but too often it’s easy for a restaurant or commercial kitchen to fall into the trap of just passing the inspection rather than regularly practicing good food safety procedures. As Chemical Specialists for Maines, it is our intention at ServiSolutions to help your business improve food safety ...

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Tips on Buying Fresh Pasta

So you’re a savvy chef, or a wise food buyer, or a restaurant owner with a keen eye for value. You already know you want to buy fresh gourmet pasta to add to your menu offerings. Pasta is an ideal canvas to showcase a chef’s signature flavors, and using fresh gourmet pasta can turn a great dish into an unforgettable ...

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Tips from Our Specialists: How to Clean Your Deep Fryer

How to Clean your Fryer

With the new year upon us, we’re excited to bring you expert tips and advice on improving your restaurant. These tips are brought to you by our Maines ServiSolutions Chemical Specialists: For many restaurants, cleaning is not at the top of the wish list, definitely not around the holidays. But, it is a great way to begin a fresh new ...

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How to Pair Wine with Salads

how to pair wine with salads

Today’s salads are main events, full of vibrant colors and dimensions of flavor. When built with the right ingredients, they can be the perfect partners for a full range of wines, from crisp Sauvignon Blanc to buttery Chardonnay to earthy Côtes du Rhône. Even off-dry Rieslings and Gewürztraminers can match salads that have sweet notes. 1. Lose the Acid but ...

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Cooking Fish with Cast Iron

cooking fish in cast iron

There is nothing quite so wonderful as a perfectly seared piece of fish: Crispy crust on one side, just-barely-done meat in the center. It is one of the great tastes of the world. Cooking fish in a cast iron skillet has a long tradition in American cooking. Since a cast iron skillet can withstand high temperatures, it is the preferred ...

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How to Make Ceviche

how to make ceviche

Ceviche is raw seafood “cooked” by marinating in citrus juices, usually lime or lemon. Ceviche is not sushi. Ceviche is a South American staple that makes for a bright and refreshing meal. The citric acid firms up the fish so that, while still raw, it tastes and feels cooked. The fish should be firm on the exterior, but with a ...

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How to Pair Wines with Sauces

How to Pair Wine with Sauces

Need some help pairing wine with sauces? Look no further, here’s a quick guide! 1. Zesty Sauces Beurre blanc, lemon, lime, and vinegar-based sauces Try lighter, zestier white wines and wines with more herbal and savory characteristics: Sauvignon Blanc White Bordeaux Grenache Blanc   2. Herb Sauces Basil, parsley, mint, cilantro, dill, capers, and cucumber Look for wines with herbaceous ...

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