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Italian Sandwiches Three Ways and Fennel Side Salad

Italian Sandwiches

Everyone wants options, and sandwiches are a great way to add variety to any lunch or dinner menu! Great sides, such as this fresh fennel salad, make any sandwich option a well-rounded meal. Try an Italian Rollup, Italian Beef Sandwich, or Veggie Rollup with complimentary sauces.

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Villa Frizzoni Veal & Lamb

Veal lamb

Cowboy cooking represents tradition in every sense of the word – it is a true honest form of cooking. Originally used to reenergize cowboys after a hard day of work, searing meat over an open flame is a great way to make a bold statement on your menu. The fire, aroma, and ambiance all add to the overall experience. The ...

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Local Produce

Local foods continue to trend upward and produce is at the center of this consumer devotion. Fresh, high-quality produce is the most authentic item on your menu, especially when it originated on a local farm. Maines partners with local farmers allowing you to take advantage of fresh local produce that’s perfect for making dishes from scratch. Creating signature house-made syrups ...

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How to Make Fresh Pasta in Minutes

Fabio Making Fresh pasta

Chef Fabio Viviani shows us how easy it is to make fresh pasta for your restaurant with our Chef Demo at the 2015 Maines Food Show. Watch the full Chef Demo Video here: Chef Demo Highlights Making pasta by hand is very labor intensive and time consuming. By using a food processor, you can make fresh pasta from scratch in ...

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