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How to Incorporate Local Produce on Your Menu Year-Round

Key trends right now in the industry are using local, fresh ingredients and making dishes from scratch. House-made syrups, sauces and compotes are a way to incorporate local produce onto your menu year round, not just while they are in season. They can be used in a variety of places on a menu, from sauces and dessert toppings to specialty ...

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How to Build the Perfect Crostini

Crostini is limited only by your imagination. Seafood, such as sardines or smoked trout, makes for a great topping. For more meaty flavor use pâté or cured meats. Many great crostini are vegetarian, made with hearty ingredients like tapenade, beans, capers, and both fresh and dried produce. Crostini is also great for dessert. As savory crostini is an excellent way ...

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Build A Better Burger – Topping Tips

burger toppings

Caramelized onions and mushrooms used to be the gourmet options available but even those are ordinary by today’s standards and expectations. Restaurant operators are getting creative with toppings, from jams to pickles. Topping Tips • Avocado, whether on its own or in guacamole form, is a popular choice. It offers some healthy fat too, so that’s a bonus for those ...

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Elements Of An Apple Pie

Though apples are native to Kazakhstan, and the first recorded apple pie recipe is from an English cookbook published in 1381, apple pie is thought of by many as the quintessential American dessert. Like so many other humble inventions, though the apple pie has roots elsewhere, it was American innovation that truly made it great. “Pie is the American synonym ...

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How to Use Apples on a Charcuterie Board

Apples are a wonderful addition to any charcuterie board. Their range of flavors from tart to sweet, counterbalances the salty and fatty cheeses and meats. We’ve profiled a few examples of how to best utilize apples on a charcuterie board. RUSSIAN BRINED APPLES Russian brined apples are created using a fermentation process that creates a living probiotic environment. This adds ...

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5 Fall Fruits for Your Menu

fall fruits

Apples and pears dominate fall recipes year after year—yet there are many other flavorful choices. Why not feature figs, grapes, persimmons, quince, or red currant berries in this season’s menu? • Roasting grapes brings out their inherent sugars, providing a great contrast to savory dishes. Toss with olive oil, fresh herbs, and a pinch of salt for the perfect complement ...

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Raise A Glass To Apples

Nothing compares to the simple delight of biting into a fresh apple – unless it’s sipping on a beverage bursting with fresh apple flavor. Whether it’s an infused tea, a culinary-inspired cocktail, or handcrafted soda, apples have found a home in the beverage space. Getting Crafty From craft cocktail establishments to restaurants elevating their bar programs, adult beverages are getting ...

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Building a Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board doesn’t follow a recipe, but is instead a lesson in composition. Put together the perfect charcuterie plate with diverse textures and flavors using this easy cheat sheet. Pickled Vegetables Pickled vegetables complement the rich and salty flavors of meats and cheeses. Pickled items like red peppers, carrots, olives, and red onions are a palate cleanser in between ...

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Apple Inspiration for Your Menu

apple slaw

We’ve profiled a few examples of how to best take advantage of an ingredient available fresh from our backyards – New York apples. Apple Cider Reduction Apple cider reduction is everything wonderful about fall, condensed into one syrup. It is pure, distilled essence of apple. Creating an apple cider reduction is as simple as boiling apple cider to one seventh ...

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