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Large Plates Mean Big Business

In most parts of the world, meals revolve around a shared single protein with an assortment of sides and that’s the way most people eat at home. Sharing large plates like a pizza at an Italian restaurant or a Peking duck at a Chinese restaurant has been a common restaurant dining experience but the appetizer-entree format has always been the ...

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Perfect Beverage Pairings for Large Plates

Dining is more social than ever, with guests looking for unique, shared experiences. To make dining more exciting, beverages big enough for a crowd will pair well with large plate menus. More diners are looking for food-liquor/cocktail pairings, one of the top cocktail trends in the What’s Hot in 2015 report by the National Restaurant Association, so a large plate ...

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Infusing Ethnic Flavors For An Authentic Experience

Now more than ever, savvy diners, especially millennials, are concerned with a meal’s authenticity. When it comes to ethnically influenced menu items, family-style preparations are a more authentic way to present food from other corners of the world. Large platters are nothing new to ethnic cuisine, as this type of dining is traditional at restaurants such as Chinese and Korean ...

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Choosing Proteins for Large Plates

When meat is presented as the centerpiece of a meal something special occurs. Customers crave these large portion, shareable meals when dining out. Large platters boasting beautiful cuts of meat can help restaurants and food service operators meet customer needs for communal dining, shared plates, and unique, bold flavors that are all currently trending. When it comes to choosing the ...

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Inside Scoop on the Latest Restaurant Trends with Maines

large plates

Guy Zehner, Maines VP of Marketing and Brands, shared an inside scoop with the Maines team on some of the hottest trends in the restaurant industry. Here’s what he had to say… Community Dining & Large Plates This is a trend that is popping up everywhere. Today restaurants are being designed around the large plate concept. River Roast, a new, ...

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