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Chef’s Corner: Maximizing the Versatility of Sweet Corn

By Chef Eamon Lee, CEC Nothing speaks to fresh, local, and seasonal better than sweet corn in the summer. Locally, this remarkable ancient crop is abundant in July and August. There are five main types grown around the world: pod corn, the least known variety found in South and Central America; popping corn that originated in Peru; Indian corn that ...

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Incorporating Seasonal Produce Onto Your Menu

fall produce

With more consumers gravitating toward seasonal, local, and organic produce, summer is the season for chefs to capitalize on the veg-centric trend. Spring has given way to a bumper crop of produce as excitement reaches its peak among chefs who’ve waited all year for fresh produce to showcase their creativity, technique, and innovation. To source the freshest produce, Maines supports ...

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Local, Organic and Fresh


Many restaurants are incorporating organic, local foods into their menus and enjoying increased sales and positive feedback from customers. Why can’t this happen in your establishment? The most common resistance I hear is, “we’re not that kind of place,” “my customers won’t go for that fancy stuff,” or “local/organic ingredients are too expensive.” I used to say all of those ...

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Ways to Kick Up Your Entree Salads

Kicked Up Salads

With the increasing focus on healthy menu offerings and produce-based options, you may want to take a look at your salad selection to make sure you have an array of tempting entrée salads that your customers can order for lunch or a light, wholesome dinner. And that doesn’t mean adding a chef salad to the menu and calling it a ...

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Spring Trend: Stuffed Pockets of Deliciousness

stuffed squash blossom

Little pockets of deliciousness…they are called by many different names and contain a wide variety of ingredients, but one thing for sure is that their popularity (especially as appetizers) is far from slowing down.   Squash Blossoms With spring comes the harvesting of delicate squash blossoms—go the Italian route and fill them with housemadeRicotta cheese, fresh basil, and zesty garlic; ...

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Dessert For Two

Sweeten Deals for Valentine’s Day For restaurants, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest and busiest nights with couples planning to wine and dine their significant other. With Valentine’s Day falling on a weekend this year, romantics looking to rendezvous will want to make the most out of it, with some opting to go on a different day than the ...

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Focus on Fusion this Valentine’s Day

It’s the Ideal Occasion for Pairing Up the Unexpected Everyone knows an odd couple: Polar opposites who make the perfect pair. When creating your Valentine’s Day menu, take an unconventional approach to matchmaking and pair up textures, flavors, and ingredients from different culinary traditions. Your goal should be a menu that’s full of surprising twists, but not too “out there.” ...

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The Deconstructed Cannoli

deconstructed cannoli

What’s more romantic than sharing? Here’s a dessert idea to roll out for Valentine’s Day and then keep on the menu happily ever after. Cannoli Chips and Dip, The Deconstructed Cannoli, The Holy Cannoli…whatever you want to call it, it’s new, cool, easy to sell and profitable across the board! Better yet, its fast and easy to make! Here’s how: ...

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3 Ways to Boost Restaurant Sales During Football Season

Every year, the NFL’s loyal fans follow the season from September through the big game in February. Those football fanatics are always looking for a place to watch the game. So what can you do to take advantage of potential customers and how is your establishment going to keep them coming back for another game? Here are 3 ways to ...

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