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Chef’s Corner: Maximizing the Versatility of Sweet Corn

Nothing speaks to fresh, local, and seasonal better than sweet corn in the summer. Locally, this remarkable ancient crop is abundant in July and August. There are five main types grown around the world: pod corn, the least known variety found in South and Central America; popping corn that originated in Peru; Indian corn that was cultivated by Native Americans; ...

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Incorporating Seasonal Produce Onto Your Menu

fall produce

With more consumers gravitating toward seasonal, local, and organic produce, summer is the season for chefs to capitalize on the veg-centric trend. Spring has given way to a bumper crop of produce as excitement reaches its peak among chefs who’ve waited all year for fresh produce to showcase their creativity, technique, and innovation. To source the freshest produce, Maines supports ...

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Ways to Kick Up Your Entree Salads

Kicked Up Salads

With the increasing focus on healthy menu offerings and produce-based options, you may want to take a look at your salad selection to make sure you have an array of tempting entrée salads that your customers can order for lunch or a light, wholesome dinner. And that doesn’t mean adding a chef salad to the menu and calling it a ...

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