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Why Mocktails Matter

Whenever I’m out dining with friends and the initial drink order comes around to me, a hush always falls over the table and the server’s mouth falls agape when I ask, “What can you offer without alcohol?” It’s hard not to feel like a social outcast because the answers invariably smack of a patronizing “Duh?” kind of tone; “Welllll…we have ...

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Beverage Solutions

The popularity of soda is diminishing, giving beverage service a new opportunity for wide-open interpretation. While handcrafted cocktails are in the midst of a revival, mock cocktails offer something exciting for today’s consumers and those who desire a non-alcoholic selection. Using ingredients like vinegar shrubs, fruit, herbs and spices, mock cocktails can be enhanced by a host of in-house complements. ...

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Perfect Beverage Pairings for Large Plates

Dining is more social than ever, with guests looking for unique, shared experiences. To make dining more exciting, beverages big enough for a crowd will pair well with large plate menus. More diners are looking for food-liquor/cocktail pairings, one of the top cocktail trends in the What’s Hot in 2015 report by the National Restaurant Association, so a large plate ...

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