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Authentic Presentation

The presentation of your Italian cuisine is just as important as the quality of your ingredients. Whether you operate a fast-casual, mid-scale or fine dining establishment, Maines has the equipment and supplies you need to make your tables and dishes stand out. Choose to serve your charcuterie boards or pizza on an olive wood serving board or present it on ...

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Visual Presentation

You may make the most flavorful sandwiches around, but your customers eat with their eyes first, and we want to make sure that meal “tastes” delicious. Plating is about balancing and harmonizing elements in a design that both enhances flavor and delights the eye. Maines offers some unique items from American Metalcraft that will give you unlimited opportunities to present ...

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7 Ways to Snack in Style

metal snackware

As snacks are becoming more mainstream, add a special flare with these Snack Menu Serviceware Items. Here are our top picks for your tabletop. 1. Conical Baskets These have an awesome way of making less look like more. Pile in kabobs, fries, and other finger foods to create an appetizing array of food but with less negative space. You can ...

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