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Trends: Purple Power & Street-Food Inspired Dishes

Purple Power As vegetable-centered meals continue to gain popularity, chefs are focusing on unique produce, particularly purple vegetables. Purple is the new green as a wide variety of purple produce provides diners with nutrients and antioxidants as well as bright and tasty options. Prepare oven-roasted slices of purple eggplant and serve over white beans with a lemon caper sauce. Offer ...

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Why Incorporate More Seafood and Produce?

Innovative produce and seafood pairings can bring texture and creativity to your dishes and in turn build your brand and reputation. In addition to unlimited opportunities for flavor, pairing seafood and vegetables can lower food costs and make your menu more manageable through cross-utilization. Produce is versatile, accessible, and affordable, making it an ideal ingredient to differentiate your seafood dishes ...

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Nature’s Blank Canvas: The Potato


While steak and potatoes is about as American as apple pie, the potato is extremely versatile with its neutral flavor providing a blank canvas for numerous possibilities. With the holiday season in full swing, get a refresher on the basics of some traditional potato applications, and then ask yourself what you can do to make them better. Rösti Known as ...

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Markon Produce


Does your restaurant have a signature item? A specialty, epicurean ingredient like truffles can turn something as basic as a baked potato into the most popular item on your menu. The Maines Direct Program can assist you with sourcing items from foraged mushrooms to Spanish ham, gourmet cheeses and other hard-to-find items. For fantastic vegetable side dishes like Million Dollar ...

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